Espigao - Brazil

Espigao - Brazil


Aerobically Fermented Natural - Brazil

Soho Coffee Roasters is proud to present Espigao to the shelf. Full of bold, juicy sweetness and a funky finish, Southland Merchants have provided us with some great insight into life on Espigao farm with the Melo family.


Brewing Tips

Espigao is tangy, syrupy and juicy, with a fermented winey finish. You'll notice black chaff which clings to the beans post-roast. Don't worry, we promise it's not burnt! This is not uncommon for extended ferment coffees from Brazil. If you wish, you can dislodge the chaff by shaking the coffee in the bag, however this is unnecessary for a tasty cup. We found these tips helpful for brewing this coffee:

  • Like our other fermented coffees, we avoid over extraction to encourage a balance between the acidity, sweetness, and fermented finish.
  • This coffee is full bodied with bold flavours, and does not require significant amounts of agitation for manual brewing methods. For a lighter and cleaner cup, you may wish to try reducing your agitation.
  • This coffee requires a longer resting time than other coffees, we like drinking this coffee 3 weeks after the roast date.

For Espresso:

21.5g in, 36g out at 28-30 seconds

For Pour Over:

88 degrees Celsius, 20g in, 300ml out at 3 minutes


About the Coffee

Grower:  Gil Cesar de Melo

Region:  Cerrado Mineiro - MG

Process:  Natural Anaerobic Fermentation

Varietal:  Red Catuai

Lot 05622-018

About the Farmer

The story of the producer Gil Cesar de Melo in the coffee industry began with his grandfather, Sr Miguel Constante, who was a coffee grower in Campos Altos township. His grandfather passed this inheritance to Gil Cesar’s mother, Elizena, who later transmitted the same passion to her son, who did not think twice before deciding to take part in this enjoyable field.

In 1995, Gil planted his first six coffee hectares and, since then, he has expanded the areas, always seeking to invest in quality. Espigao do Palmital farm is located in the municipality of Pratinha, in the state of Minas Gerais. His properties have a privileged location in the Cerrado Mineiro region, which allows them to enjoy a perfect balance of the climate seasons with a hot and humid summer and a mild and dry winter, something that greatly favours the quality of the coffee.

About the Farm

The farm has an ideal terroir with mountainous terrain, high altitudes and a good rainfall index, favouring the cultivation of specialty green coffee beans with supreme aromas and flavours. They are a reference and inspiration for new coffee standards and for the profile of customers who demand high quality and ethics around the world.

About the Values

Gil values and respects every forest area around his farms and encourages his
employees to also preserve and take care of the environment. The coffees produced on Espigão Farm undertake a rigorous process of quality, from the initial stages of the production in the crops, through the processing, until the preparation of the lots in the post-harvest. All this care would only result in a very high quality coffee.

Gil Cesar has at its roots the DNA of the coffee culture. He has great memories of his childhood when he used to spend weekends and vacations with his grandfather on the farm. When he was six years old, he loved to be in the coffee fields. At that time technology wasn’t like it is today and the coffee was transported by ox-carts. Today, they are in the fourth generation that has inherited the same passion for coffee, and his children Edu and Hugo are coming with a different view for new things, contributing with knowledge and innovation.

From Southland Merchants

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