Farroupilha Farm - Brazil

Farroupilha Farm - Brazil

Farroupilha Farm

Natural - Brazil

Soho Coffee Roasters is proud to present Farroupilha Farm to the shelf. Packed full with classic Brazillian coffee flavours, this coffee is easy to approach and familiar for many coffee drinkers. Tasting of roasted almonds, sugar cane and milk chocolate, this coffee is perfect for those who like the best of coffee's warm flavours.


Brewing Tips

Farroupilha Farm is easy to work with and brews well with conventional coffee recipes.

  • This coffee has a creamy body, and should be beautifully balanced once dialled in. Compared to some of our other single origins, there is slightly less acidity and fruity sweetness to this coffee, with more honey and nutty flavours.
  • We prefer a shorter yield than a conventional 1:2 recipe for this coffee to bring out its sweetness without sacrificing the mouthfeel.
  • This coffee makes a lovely espresso, and can also be paired with milk!

For Espresso:

21.5g in, 36g out at 25-28 seconds


About the Coffee

Growers: Inacio Carlos Urban, Fernando Urban and Erika Urban

Region: Cerrado Mineiro

Process: Natural

Varietal: Catucai

Altitude: 1150masl


About the Urban Family

Coffee is the passion of Farroupilha Farm, but their story in agro starts a little earlier. In 1976 Inacio Carlos Urban, at that time 25 years old, arrived in Cerrado Mineiro region, in Patos de Minas city, with a lot of determination and willpower to fulfil the dream of producing food on a large scale to feed the world. Inacio saw in lands until then considered unproductive, the chance to make his dream of producing a reality. Inacio managed to make the land prosper and change the future of agribusiness in this region. Today, Farroupilha Farm works developing responsible agro.

After more than 40 years, they are in a family succession process, with Inacio being the president and their children Erika Urban and Fernando Urban entering the business. They are starting a new story for their business units, through the expansion of technology and market vision, with product diversification.


About Farroupilha Farm

A business that started with the production of soybean seeds only, nowadays specializes in the production, industrialization and marketing of many agricultural products, delivering to the market crops such as cotton, corn, tomato, coffee beans and wheat. They also raise bulls to improve the herd, using enhanced genetics. Besides the production of traditional crops, they invest in technological and structural improvement for the evolution of agricultural production.

Farroupilha Farm is very proud about its evolution, mainly about the ability of its founders to perceive great opportunities in the agribusiness. Today, that dream that started with soybean production, represents other brands, which operate in coffee, livestock, cotton and trading, always through innovation, vision of future and the continuous seek for evolution.



It is a must that the quality offer is aligned with the guarantee that all the processes follow the requirements about sustainability, commitment to customers and employees, environment and financial health. Farroupilha Farm works constantly so that its brands, products and business units can comply with market requirements and consequently, its evolution is always based on comproved quality. They have certifications such as: ISO 17025, Rainforest Alliance, UTZ Certified, Cafe do Cerrado, ABR e BCI and Denominação de Origem, which drive them daily to the path of continuous improvement.



Your roaster, Maddie.

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