Lenin Chilcon - Peru

Lenin Chilcon - Peru

Lenin Chilcon

Washed - Peru

Lenin Chilcon

Soho Coffee Roasters is proud to present Lenin Chilcon. This washed Peruvian coffee is an approachable cup with warm notes of chocolate and cacao, indulgent winter-fruit dessert sweetness, and a clean mouthfeel. This coffee is a great everyday drinking option, and is easy to work with at home.

Brewing Tips

Lenin Chilcon is a complex and light coffee which can be brewed diversly to bring out several different flavours and cup qualities. We've found vanilla and nougat with a hint of preserved blueberry on the nose, hot you might find a blackcurrant tartness mixed with the chocolate and smoothed with a caramel finish. See below our recommended brewing tips:

  • This coffee can lack the pleasant lime sweetness when under extracted, we recommend drawing out your brew time if your coffee lacking sweetness.
  • If brewing manually (AeroPress, v60 etc.), you may wish to avoid excessive agitation to achieve a clean, tea-like cup.

For Espresso:

20.5 in, 35 out at 19-21 seconds

For Pour Over:

20g in, 290-310 out at 2 minutes 45 seconds at 93 degrees

Lenin Chilcon's Farm, located in El Diamante

About the Coffee

Altitude: 1800masl

Location / Farm: Jaen, Cajamarca/El Diamante

Temperature: 17 degrees Celcius

Botanical Cultivars: Red Bourbon

Soil Characteristics: Loam

Annual Rainfall: 1050mm

Score: 85

Cupping Notes: Milk chocolate, sugar cane, cacao nibs

This coffee is harvested following strict ripeness criteria, floated, and hand-sorted to remove any defects. Then coffee is fermented in sealed bags for 8 hours, afterwards, coffee is pulped and submerged in water to a second fermentation for 24-36 hours. Then coffee is gently washed and transported to raised beds. Coffee is let to dry until it reaches the optimum moisture level.

Lenin's team

About Lenin Chilcon

Lenin has a 2-hectare farm located at 1900 m.a.s.l in El Diamante village. He grows yellow and red Bourbon varieties. Lenin collaborates closely with his family, who also own nearby farms.

Your roaster, Maddie

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