Rioja Family - Peru

Rioja Family - Peru

Rioja Family

Washed - Peru

Soho is proud to present the Rioja Family. Carefully fermented and washed in Peru, this coffee displays cleanliness in the cup while maintaining many soft fruit-like qualities which have previously been tasting notes reserved for natural process coffees. The Rioja Family demonstrate their ability to highlight the best tasting notes their coffee beans through processing, in a way which is suited to the environment on the farm.

Brewing Tips

The Rioja Family coffee is has a great structure, a clean finish, and subtle peachy sweetness. We love the balance between the soft dried-fruit acidity and the molasses mouthfeel. Here's some tips for brewing this coffee:

  • If you want more sweetness in your cup, you may need to increase your brewing temperature or extraction time to hit the sweet spot.
  • We prefer not to over agitate this coffee when manually brewing, as often cup clarity is lost.
  • For espresso, we recommend a slightly restricted yield to enhance the viscosity of the cup.

    For Espresso:

    22g in, 36g out at 26-29 seconds

    For Pour Over:

    92 degrees Celcius, 20g in, 300mL out at 3 minutes 15 seconds.

    About the Rioja Family

    The Rioja Family owns La Lucuma, a 2.5-hectare farm located at an elevation of 1900 m.a.s.l. After selectively picking only the ripest cherries, they store them overnight in sealed bags before pulping. The coffee then ferments for 30 hours, after is gently washed, and is briefly sun-dried before further drying over a
    period of 18-24 days. At this high altitude, fluctuating temperatures, influenced by
    climate change, have resulted in issues such as more frequent droughts. To mitigate these risks, the Riojas have planted shade trees around the crop.

    This not only creates a fresher environment but also helps with water retention and supplies more nutrients to the soil. The Rioja family grows Caturra variety. The trees are planted on level curves to prevent erosion and they use organic fertilizers to maintain soil health.

    About the Coffee

    Altitude 1800-1900
    Location / Farm Cajamarca, Jaen/ La Lucuma
    Temperature 21 ºC
    Botanical Cultivars Caturra
    Soil Characteristics Loam
    Annual Rainfall 1947 mm
    Cupping Score: 87
    Cupping Notes: Mandarin, peach, molasses, dried fruits

    Your roaster, Maddie

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