Vinhal - Brazil

Vinhal - Brazil


Double Fermented Honey - Brazil

Soho Coffee Roasters is proud to introduce Vinhal to our single origin table. Boasting bright tropical flavours, our friends at Southland Merchants have provided us with some insight into the Vinhal family and their farm in Brazil.

Brewing Tips

Vinhal is an excellent bridge into working with exotic microlots. It behaves similarly to other honey and natural Brazillian coffees, with the bonus flavours of grilled pineapple and brown spice.

  • This coffee is double fermented, so your coffee may benefit from a slightly lower dose if the flavour becomes too intense.
  • This coffee has relatively low acidity due to being grown at low altitude, however your coffee may taste like underripe pineapple if under extracted

For Espresso:

21g in, 44g out at 26-29 seconds

For Pour Over:

More to come

About your grower

Afonso Maria Vinhal was born in the city of Carmo do Paranaíba, Minas Gerais state, inside the Cerrado Mineiro Region. He started his history in the coffee cultivation in 1988. The “Fazenda Recanto”, located at the city of Serra do Salitre, has 170 hectares of cultivated area and a productivity of 65 bags by hectare, has some parts irrigated, as unirrigated. He cultivates varieties as Catuaí, Topázio and Yellow Icatú. For Afonso, his challenge and motivation is to combine the productivity, coffee quality and concern about the environment, always producing with sustainable practices. According to Afonso his secret for produces high quality coffees is the concern about the cultural cares until the harvest and the rigorous process of drying and the processing of the coffee.

About Cerrado Mineiro Region

Designation of Origin

The Cerrado Mineiro Region is a world recognized high quality coffee producing origin - the first “Designation of Origin” in Brazil, located in northwest of Minas Gerais State.

Having well-defined seasons - a hot, wet summer and a pleasantly dry winter - is a strong characteristic of the region. The coffee plantations are cultivated in areas with altitudes varying between 800 and 1,300 meters, the result being high quality coffees with a unique identity.

The coffees are “Origin and Quality Guaranteed” by the Cerrado Mineiro Region - D.O. Regulatory Board.

Official production process

The Designation of Origin oficial production process emphasizes and values the characteristics of our terroir. Only coffees grown inside the officially delimited area and that followed the rules of the production process defined by their Regulatory Board may have the Cerrado Mineiro Region - D.O. assured by the Guaranteed Origin and Quality Seal.

Producing farms must be located within the Designation of Origin delimited area;

Minimum altitude of 800 meters, reaching up to 1,300 meters;

Coffea arabica is the official specie;

Minimum quality of 80pts based on SCAA* methodology;

The use of good practices and respect to Brazilian laws;

Coffee lots must be warehoused only in the accredited cooperatives;

Only the official coffee bag, identified with the Guaranteed Origin and Quality Seal., must be used.

Origin and Quality reports

OIC Code: 002/2074/005
City of destination: Burnside, Austrália
Place of sealing: Continental Armazéns Gerais Ltda me
Lot code: 7898328781666363334

See link below to access Origin and Quality Certificate, and the Quality and Sensory Report: 

Your roaster, Maddie.

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