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SOHO Coffee Roasters

Artisan Barista Jug 350ml - Multiple Colours

Artisan Barista Jug 350ml - Multiple Colours

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Everything that a barista jug should be

The design stands out from the crowd, the performance puts you in a lane of your own and the craftsman ship is second to none.

Designed with a spout that resembles an eagles mouth with a medium sharp spout with a slight downward tip that gives you the ability for intricate and detailed precision pouring.

A perfectly balanced handle like a sword gives you complete control over every pour. The weight distribution has been made to perfection on these brand new artisan barista jugs. 



Perfect Weight Distribution

Feature 1: The handle weight has been designed to give perfect weight distribution across the jug, while mainting complete control over your pour effortlessly create intricate latte art.

Medium Sharp Spout

Feature 2: Designed with a medium sharp spout with a downward tip to give sharp lines with a consistent flow rate.

Flow Rate

Feature 3: A wide opening flowing into a medium sharp spout gives the ability to control the amount of froth when pouring. Consistent ratios of froth and heated milk will give you the quality of pour you are after.

Height: 9cm
Diameter: 6.5cm
Spout length: 4.6
Spout length to tip: 4.4
Spout width: 2cm
Handle: 6.4
Size: 350ml/12oz
Weight: 142.6g
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