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SOHO Coffee Roasters

Hario Bamboo Stir Paddle

Hario Bamboo Stir Paddle

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The Hario Bamboo Paddle is designed specifically for use with the range of Hario brewing apparatus. 

If you are using a syphon, V60, carafe or a french press the bamboo stirrer will ensure a steady and fluent stirring process occurs. The simple design lets the professional or home barista stir the entire chamber evenly and completely so that the coffee is brewed optimally, maximizing the extraction process. Some of the delicate notes that the brewing process brings out can be lost without stirring, so make sure that you have the best tool for the job!


  • Dimensions: (L) 250 x (W) 25mm


  • Easy to clean
  • Compact design
  • Ability to agitate grounds across all brewing vessels
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