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Pesado Puck Diffuser Screen - Multiple Sizes

Pesado Puck Diffuser Screen - Multiple Sizes

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Ridiculously good coffee comes from perfecting the extraction.

Introducing the Pesado 58.5 puck diffuser screens. Helping you achieve consistent water distribution across your coffee puck every shot.

Available in both 53.5mm and 58.5mm diameters. Helping eliminate channelling from uneven extraction.

How To Use it

After tamping your coffee ground, simply place the puck diffuser screen on top of your coffee puck before inserting portafilter into coffee machine.

How Does It Work?

Puck screens help distribute water uniformly across the coffee puck, ensuring a more consistent extraction.

A powerful gush from the group head can sometimes cause channelling in your espresso shot, leading to uneven extraction. The puck diffuser screen will help prevent channelling.


SIZES AVAILABLE: 58.5mm diameter, 53.5mm diameter.


WEIGHT: 100μm (microns)

MATERIAL: Stainless Steel Mesh

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